cross hybridization

cross hy·brid·i·za·tion

annealing of a DNA probe to an imperfectly matching DNA molecule.
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These technologies reflect the company's development of new processes, new materials and even cross hybridization of one industry solution to another to address tough technology challenges associated with smaller, more efficient cars and trucks.
Metaphase cells are used to localize the probe and determine its analytical sensitivity and specificity; male cells are used to rule out cross hybridization of the probe with the Y chromosome.
PrimerPlex creates a pool of primers for each sequence under uniform reaction conditions, checks them for cross hybridization with other primer sets and homologies with the rest of sequences in the pool.
The attached anti-tags are isothermal, optimized to reduce cross hybridization and designed to minimize secondary structure stability.
Primers are designed to minimize intra-strand as well as inter-strand cross hybridization.
The attachment chemistry and associated hybridization protocol is a superior method for fabricating and using DNA microarrays as it markedly increases the sensitivity, reproducibility, and utility of current microarrays at reduced costs, while eliminating background and problems associated with cross hybridization.