cross circulation

cross cir·cu·la·tion

circulation to an animal or one of its parts from the circulation of another animal.
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Anaesthetic agents used for one baby can adversely affect the other baby due to existing cross circulation. To determine the extent, indirect methods such as a sulphur colloid liver scan, glucoheptonate scan and computerised axial tomography may be used, but they are not definitive (3).
He said that Sudan's experience in Islamic banking was deeply-rooted, calling on the participants to get acquainted with the Sudan experience not only in the liquidity management; but in the management of foreign exchange resources under an unjust blockade, referring to the successes of the Sudan in providing a clearing system in foreign currencies eased the cross circulation. Abdul-Rahman pointed out to another important and successful experience in Sudan, which is the Liquidity Management Fund, which is an interbank lending system, revealing that the fund enable the banks to manage the liquidity among themselves and reduce the role of the central bank as a lender of last resort, pointing out that the excess liquidity banks lend money to banks that need liquidity at certain times.
The long ward had windows on both sides for cross circulation of the external fresh air.
Induction agents and muscle relaxants administered to one baby can cause airway obstruction, hypoventilation, or apnea in the other one, particularly in conjoined twins with marked cross circulation. On the basis of these concerns, anesthesia was simultaneously induced in our conjoined twins.
Anaesthetic management of thoracopagus twins with complex cyanotic heart disease for cardiac assessment: special considerations related to ventilation and cross circulation. Br J Anaesth.
The most significant anesthetic challenges in these patients include airway management, positioning to avoid neurological lesions, trauma due to airway compression or obstruction, associated pathologies, and the percentage of cross circulation (a factor of significant pharmacodynamic and pharmacokynetic importance with hemodynamic implications, and which is more pronounced in this type of conjoined twins) (4).
It is worth noting that the contrast injection (gadolinium) revealed cross circulation because when one of the twins was injected, the circulatory system of her sister was immediately visualized (Figure 8).
Several risk factors need to be considered when it comes to the surgical separation of craniopagus conjoined twins: 1) The degree of shared scalp; 2) The degree of shared cranium; 3) The extent of share dura; 4) The extent of fused cortex; 5) The extent of shared arterial connections and cross circulation; 6) The extent of common venous sinuses; 7) The presence or absence of independent deep venous drainage; and 8) The presence or absence of a common or separate ventricular system, or of hydrocephalus.
Greatly expanded concessions and restrooms will be accessed from these three concourses and will divert the flow of fans outside the bowl; thereby minimizing internal cross circulation and current disruptions to the fan's viewing experience.
- The replacement of doors bondage cross circulations and staircase enclosures.