Class of drugs that prevents release of histamine from mast cells; useful in prophylaxis of respiratory allergies and asthma but lacking in antiinflammatory effect.
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This feature cannot be explained by the effect of cromones as it was proposed earlier because cromone therapy was not used in any observed case [15].
TABLE Recommendations for treating mild persistent asthma DAILY CONTROLLER GUIDELINE MEDICATION ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT National Asthma Low-dose inhaled Children <5: cromolyn, LTRAs Education and corticosteroids Children >5: cromolyn, LTRAs, Prevention nedocromil, sustained release Program (NAEPP) (1) theophylline Global Initiative Low-dose inhaled All children: Sustained for Asthma corticosteroids released theophylline, (GINA) (7) Cromone, LTRAs British Thoracic Inhaled steroids All children: LTRAs, Society/Scottish theophylline Intercollegiate Children >5: cromones, Guidelines Network nedocromil (BTS/SIGN) (8) LRTA, leukotriene receptor antagonists.
Rescue medications, including inhaled short-acting [beta]-2 agonists, leukotriene receptor antagonists, cromones such as cromoglycate and nedocromil, and xanthine derivatives, were permitted on an as-needed basis during the baseline and doubleblind treatment periods.