crocodile tears

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the watery, slightly alkaline and saline secretion of the lacrimal glands that moistens the conjunctiva. See also lacrimal apparatus.
crocodile tears see syndrome of crocodile tears.

croc·o·dile tears syn·drome

a flow of tears, usually unilateral, on eating or the anticipation of eating; this happens when nerve fibers originally destined for a salivary gland are damaged and regrow, aberrantly, into the lacrimal gland.

crocodile tears

Tears and excessive saliva produced during eating. This condition is present when nerve fibers of the salivary glands grow abnormally into the lacrimal glands following Bell (seventh nerve) palsy.
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She suffered some paralysis and fought to regain mobility in her body and face, but a partial facial paralysis remained and the crocodile tears developed as a side effect.
Conservatives in Cardiff Bay are also shedding crocodile tears about closures, under the last Tory Government 3,500 post offices were closed.
SO much for the crocodile tears and manufactured remorse shown by Vincent Tabak during his trial for the murder of Joanna Yeates.
So no more crocodile tears please Coun Faulkner, until your own Liberal Democrat Party really does display some real commitment to the poorest in our communities.
Yes it would be a tough measure," he says wiping away his crocodile tears.
So crocodile tears over this act of social vandalism are inappropriate.
Don't be taken in by crocodile tears from Plaid, where was he when this decision was being taken?
Maulana Abdul Aziz said those behind Lal Masjid carnage were shedding crocodile tears adding they were mistaken if they understand that they would stand exonerated from their crime by expressing some remarks of sympathy.
Be assured, it's overblown and unintentionally funny, milking crocodile tears from half the supporting characters.
While the film's intentions are noble, as a drama it is somewhat plodding, building to a courtroom showdown that is guilty of crocodile tears and emotional manipulation.
WE hope no crocodile tears will be shed by connections should, God forbid, anything befall Therealbandit if he goes for the Gold Cup this year, the sad demise of Gloria Victis being fresh in the memory.
And of course the people of Ireland decided that this was unmissable television The one-time Queen of Gossip shed crocodile tears on 'Terry' as she spoke about how old wrinkly features cried when she told him she might be pregnant.