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Drug slang noun A regional term for a combination of crack and methamphetamine
Vox populi verb Slang, to die
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For me it came in dust from dry paddocks, sunlight, and the croaky voices of a convent choir.
But Ferrick's a resourceful alley cat of a performer, and the angst she suffers seeps alluringly into her croaky, staccato vocals and percussive acoustic guitar strums.
I put on my head-mike and loaded up the NaturallySpeaking program one morning before my first cup of coffee to find out what the computer would make of my croaky morning voice.
Ironically, it was Nick who had talked Total Tobacco Company management out of suing him for breach-of-faith, on the grounds that it would do no good to the industry's image to sue a dying man with three kids and 12 grandchildren, especially since his croaky pleas to the nation's youth not to smoke had made him a media darling (at least with the broadcast media since they couldn't accept cigarette ads anyway).
It was powerful stuff and whilst the voice did appear a little croaky at times and having to compete with a powerful noisy band, he managed to hold is own and give a sublime performance.
In his conspiratorial, croaky whisper, as he ate his cheese cob, he'd feed me crumbs of scandal and intrigue.
Firstly my croaky voice graduated into merely a whisper and secondly the internet went down.
Sonically it's also inventive, with the ragga rhythms and itchy beats of Sometimes, the croaky beat poet flow of Home and the Chris Brown-like smoothness of Damn, Girl.
Dave Nelson, his dad John, sister Cheryl, uncle Paul and pal Steve Rowe have built Dorris Dormouse from the ground up, beginning with funds left to Dave and Cheryl by their grandmother who earned that nickname because of her croaky voice.
And her voice was showing the strain ever so slightly after bettling off her bug - gone were the vocal acrobatics she's famous for and in its place a slightly croaky speaking voice as she chatted up the crowd.
Kylie said she'd been suffering with a cold and apologised if she sounded a bit croaky but it didn't show.