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Drug slang noun A regional term for a combination of crack and methamphetamine
Vox populi verb Slang, to die
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Make sure to avoid BBC when the murdering old terrorist croaks.
In the evenings the peeps and croaks of newfound friendship danced on the warm night air.
Then Shrek, voiced by Mike Myers, finds himself with the unwelcome prospect of becoming King of Far Far Away when his frogger-in-law King Harold suddenly croaks.
The huge green frog will, hopefully, keep any croaks to itself while McPhee belts out a ballad from her forthcoming debut album as the mobile platform -- promoting a home water purification system -- makes its way through the parade route.
By switching to ultrasound, the frogs' high-pitched croaks can be heard over the low-frequency sounds of the waterfalls.
But why has Ratcliffe's been the sole voice to speak up for Newell and why have the rest of Britain's managerial fraternity felt unable to add their own croaks in favour of such a valiant crusade?
During mating season, frogs of all kinds create an almost eardrum bursting chorus of croaks and chirps.
These aren't just ordinary croaks, either, but star-quality voices you've likely heard in movies.