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Drug slang noun A regional term for a combination of crack and methamphetamine
Vox populi verb Slang, to die
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The croaking was so loud that people said that it sounded like a helicopter overhead.
Experts at Bournemouth Oceanarium came up with the idea of croaking to their camouflaging tree frogs when they had trouble finding the colour- changing creatures at feeding time.
Marine biologist Oliver Buttling said: "The croaking started as a bit of a joke, but it gets a response.
From the beginning of May until the end of July, the frogs' croaking bears proof to their ecstasy.
Three ornamental croaking frogs were yesterday branded a nuisance in court.
The ad, featuring three frogs croaking "Big Lose R" with the center frog sitting on a "Not Wiser" can, was supposed to be posted for one month on 20 Oakland billboards.
This tiny secretive marsh bird from southern Europe has a croaking call and it eventually ventured out to show its true identity.
Action hero Mel Gibson has been struck down by a mystery bug that's left him croaking and shaky.
And he's looking to be a "good 150 before I think about croaking.
Now it won't be easy But better than wheezy, And I really don't fancy croaking.
Lots of unnerving, clicking croaking comes over phone lines, too.
But they soon realised it was one animal with three croaking heads.