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Drug slang noun A regional term for a combination of crack and methamphetamine
Vox populi verb Slang, to die
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Now Zayn's croaked it, Harry has leapfrogged him in froggy story
If you have not already added How They Croaked to your collection, buy both it and How They Choked immediately.
1 : to utter with a rough low voice <"I need water," he croaked.
I think it unnecessary and extremely unkind to describe Ian Dury as a 'grotesque and shuffling' figure who croaked out the songs, when as a child he contracted polio and doe?
By that time be had already forgotten most of his rhetoric except for seven words hidden in the depths of his memory which, imitating Poe's raven, be croaked seconds before falling humiliated and spat upon by Death: "The constitution is a pile of crap.
Whether disaster struck, or anyone croaked, is unrecorded.
He croaked to Mikey: "Now he's my best friend, he hides crisps and nuts in the cupboard, and he keeps his T-shirts nice and tidy.
He fairly croaked his way through his small but pivotal part and evoked almost no menace.