critical rate

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crit·i·cal rate

a heart rate at which aberration or incomplete block will occur; a result of shortening of cycle length so that it barely includes the refractory period.
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If the new interest rate exceeds the critical rate by a substantial margin this might have little marginal effect on offshore capital flows.
But by sending strong enough signals via the OCR the Bank can hope to influence real exchange rate expectations and hence the critical rate.
In today's global arena, decisions on policy are continuously evolving, and technology is developing at a critical rate.
The report showed that the government also "aims to reduce the current critical rates of child malnutrition by at least one percentage point per year.
Malnutrition has reached critical rates, with about 30 percent of the population suffering, and the threat of diseases such as measles, malaria and cholera is looming.
A deterministic mathematical model was designed to: 1) predict the duration of the weakfish larval stage as afunction of prey density, 2) calculate the percent mortality incurred by weakfish larvae at any discrete prey density, and 3,) estimate critical rates of instantaneous mortality, rates at which a weakfish recruitment failure could occur.
The Bulgarian Socialist Leader, for example, suggests the introduction of a tax on financial transactions, the use of bonds to fund projects, and calls for the use of all EU funds to counter youth unemployment, which had reached critical rates due to the incompetence of the EU right wing.
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