critical pathway

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critical pathway

outline or diagram that documents the process of diagnosis or treatment deemed appropriate for a condition based on practice guidelines.
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care pathway

The sequence of health and social care services a patient in the UK receives after entering the system during a particular episode of care.
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crit·i·cal path·way

(krit'i-kăl path'wā)
A schedule of medical and nursing procedures, including diagnostic tests, medications, and consultations, designed to provide practice guidelines for the efficient, coordinated treatment of a specific condition.
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Our unit of analysis was the critical pathway. The outcome was whether or not the critical pathway was associated with a statistically significantly effect on decreasing postoperative length of stay.
Subsequently, this generic prototype has been used for developing all the hospital's critical pathways. The result has been one consistent documentation method throughout the organization.
Critical pathways define critical or key elements that are to occur each day of hospitalization (Cohen & Cesta, 1993).
Table 2 depicts LOS before and after implementing this critical pathway. Statistically significant decreases in LOS were achieved in the post-pathway population.
Perioperative personnel have identified a critical pathway that includes supplies, equipment, and integration of preference lists.
As the field of outcomes measurement and clinical decision analysis matures, health care organizations will become more adept at creating and using critical pathways and decision trees in combination with analyses of risk-adjusted outcomes to improve practice patterns.
The term clinical pathway usually refers to patient care management tools (Healthcare & Workforce Improvements, 2008) and critical pathways are often thought of as project activities that are labeled as critical because they must be accomplished before an entire project can be completed on schedule.
The system also has the potential to supplement batch record documentation in critical pathway analysis and confirmation.
Clinical Relevance: The fact that anthropometric measures are significantly correlated with CVD risk in adolescents and WC and SBP are significantly predictive of CVD risk in adolescents means that such measures should be implemented as part of a critical pathway in identifying and targeting at-risk youth for early and accelerated intervention and referral for further testing.
"We're delighted to partner with NAF and the Academies of Engineering, which provide a critical pathway for high school students to receive rigorous academic training in high-demand sectors, to pursue higher education opportunities, and to interact with high-level corporate executives and mentors," said Tim McAward, vice president and business unit leader of Kelly Engineering Resources.
Developing a Critical Pathway Prior to the initiation of this pilot program, faculty from the school of nursing and the clinical nurse educators from the tertiary care facilities met to develop a critical pathway course syllabus.