critical micelle concentration

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crit·i·cal mi·celle con·cen·tra·tion (cmc),

the concentration at which an amphipathic molecule (for example, a phospholipid) will form a micelle.

crit·i·cal mi·celle con·cen·tra·tion

(cmc) (krit'i-kăl mi-sel' kon'sĕn-trā'shŭn)
The concentration at which an amphipathic molecule (e.g., a phospholipid) will form a micelle.


a supermolecular colloid particle, most often a packet of chain molecules in parallel arrangement. A stage in the luminal phase of fat digestion; bile salts form spheres containing fatty acids, monoglycerides and the fat-soluble vitamins.

critical micelle concentration
the concentration of bile salts in solutions at which they aggregate into poymolecular aggregates called micelles.
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The critical micelle concentration (CMC) of BHAC was deter-mined from the breakpoint of the surface tension versus thelogarithm of surfactant concentration plot (Fig.
Critical micelle concentrations (cmc) of ADMDHAC at 25 C was found to be 2.
What this indicates is that surfactant behavior in a system goes through predictable phases, denoted by such terms as critical association concentration (CAC) and critical micelle concentration (CMC).
The self- assembly takes place at molecular concentration above a critical concentration, which is known as the critical micelle concentration (CMC).
The effect of compatibilization on the rheological properties of the blends revealed that the complex viscosity increased with increase in compatibilizer concentration up to critical micelle concentration (CMC).
The emulsion sample was diluted with an aqueous solution in which saturated styrene and surfactant with critical micelle concentration were present to avoid monomer or surfactant in the sample diffusing from droplets to aqueous phase.
p] stabilization, regarded as the critical micelle concentration (CMC), was reached in this case at about 0.
5 wt% montmorillonite a critical concentration is established analogous to the critical micelle concentration in surfactant sols.
The critical micelle concentration, [Mathematical Expression Omitted], was expressed as (10, 23, 24):
Calfax 16L-35 is a highly efficient surfactant which produces extremely low critical micelle concentrations in emulsion polymerizations.
sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)] above their critical micelle concentrations are added to the running buffer, permitting the separation of uncharged solutes on the basis of differential partitioning.

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