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The critical limit was set at none detected for pathogenic microorganisms, especially E.coli in any lot of chicken.
If the damage resulting from exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic waves has exceeded a critical limit, the consequences may be inescapable.
We determined critical limit (>95% certainty that analyte is undetectable by this assay) and detection limit (>95% certainty that analyte is detectable by this assay), by International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry-recommended procedures (25), by using 10 replicates of blanks and 20 replicates of low-analyte concentrations above blank [25(OH)[D.sub.2]: 7.5 nmol/L (3 [micro]g/L); 25(OH)[D.sub.3]: 5 nmol/L (2 [micro]g/L)].
The electricity supply, which the council admits has "reached the critical limit of its supply potential" will be upgraded.
But if another star is near enough, the white dwarf may start taking on mass from its neighbor until it reaches a critical limit, known as the Chandrasekhar mass.
'The warning 'message will be more direct - it will indicate that you have reached a critical limit for air pressure in one or more tyres and a calculated number of miles to correct the situation,' said Bill Hopkins of Goodyear.
* Establishing corrective actions -- Procedures, called corrective actions, must be planned for action when a critical limit is unmet.
* Critical limit, as defined in the Food Code, means the maximum or minimum value to which a physical, biological, or chemical parameter must be controlled at a critical control point to minimize the risk that the identified food safety hazard may occur.
Establish the corrective action to be taken when monitoring shows that a critical limit has been exceeded: Immediate corrective action must be taken when monitoring shows that a critical control point is not being controlled.
Of the 44 patients who died during the four-year study period, 40 had known CD4 levels below the critical limit within the six months prior to death, the researchers say.
The easiest way to appreciate the legal principles that unfold when there is an adverse outcome related to critical limits is to consider that you, the reader, could be called to task and required to explain during deposition or to a jury: a) each and every detail of your critical values policy and each entry on your critical limit list; b) the rationale and consensus process by which you selected them; and c) the manner in which they were originally derived, implemented, updated, changed, and practiced in your hospital setting or in point-of-contact areas.
"The current level of foreign currency reserves represents the minimum and critical limit," the bank said on its website on Saturday.