critical incident stress management

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crit·i·cal in·ci·dent stress man·age·ment

(krit'i-kăl in'si-dĕnt stres man'ăj-mĕnt)
A process of providing mental health management and support to providers who have experienced a critical stress incident.
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1 Provide in-depth training for the Airport Critical Incident Stress Management and
The practice of providing critical incident stress management and support services to law enforcement personnel has a rich history, but the origins of such assistance actually can be traced to the military.
A source said: "A Critical Incident Stress Management team goes to an area to talk to troops before they return home.
HQ also provides critical incident stress management support, including an on-call service to help employees deal with the aftermath of a traumatic event.
Companies that offer MHN's EAP services to their employees also are eligible for workplace critical incident stress management services.
Mentzer is a member of the department's Critical Incident Stress Management Team and was an officer in Holden when Chief Mortell was shot and killed.
In addition, Holwager has trained trainers in critical incident stress management, which provides support to staff following difficult situations.
Gerald Lewis is an established expert and international consultant in the areas of critical incident stress management (CISM), trauma in the workplace, workplace violence and organizational crisis management.
As Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) trainers, Leonhardt (a human factors expert with a German air navigation service provider) and Vogt (work and organizational psychology, Copenhagen U.
How-ever, in 1963, no critical incident stress management debriefings or employee assistance programs existed, so he had no place to turn for support within his agency.
NAVIGO services include healthy lifestyle coaching, productivity consulting and resources in areas such as absence and disability management, new parent return to work support, and critical incident stress management as well as traditional EAP services.
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