critical illumination

crit·i·cal il·lu·mi·na·tion

the precise focusing of the light source directly on the object being examined.
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6 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunnex's state-of-the-art medical light solutions meet the critical illumination, maneuverability, and ease-of- use requirements that medical professionals demand.
These less-trodden paths of access lead to moments of profound critical illumination, as when Minnis takes us from a Guido delle Colonne analogue to the `key of rememberance' passage in the Legend to an exploration of the Book of the Duchess as, like the `olde bokes', a key for the Lancastrian household of how to remember Blanche, and simultaneously a dramatization of the medieval model of imaginatio, images, entering into the memory where they can be fixed and preserved.
com/) deliver critical illumination, maneuverability, and ease-of-operation during use - while setting the standard for quality, durability, and versatility.
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