critical flicker fusion frequency

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crit·i·cal flick·er fu·sion fre·quen·cy

the minimal number of flashes of light per second at which an intermittent light stimulus no longer stimulates a continuous visual sensation.
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However, Moeller and Case (1995) measured the critical flicker fusion frequency at threshold light intensities, which is difficult to compare between species because (1) the threshold sensitivity of a crustacean eye measured using the ERG technique varies considerably from preparation to preparation (pers.
The critical flicker fusion frequency measured via the extracellular electroretinogram is dependent on a variety of factors, namely adaptational state, background intensity, stimulus intensity, and the subtended visual angle of the source.
A previous study by Moeller and Case (1995) reports a critical flicker fusion frequency of 12 Hz for Oplophorus spinosus, which has a depth distribution similar to that of O.

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