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More than 9,700 people in Wales receive critical care annually in Wales, and due to an ageing population that figure is set to rise by about 5% year-onyear.
WFCCN Position Statement on the Provision of Critical Care Nursing Education--Declaration of Madrid, 2005.
Below Juan Scribante has provided more information about the development of the Clinical Trials Group which has been established to facilitate research in critical care in southern Africa.
NEWS-Line for Nurses (March 2007) -- "AGH Critical Care Nurses Receive National Award For Excellence In Patient Safety.
The change from the use of iron lungs, which were expensive and cumbersome, to prolonged positive pressure ventilation through a cuffed endotracheal or tracheostomy tube was an essential factor in the development of critical care.
findings, and assessments and interventions that reflect the latest critical care standards.
The course will cover pathophysiology, pharmacology and interventions related to critical care.
The article, " Nurse-Physician Collaboration and Hospital-Acquired Infections in Critical Care," examines the association between nurses' perception of their working relationships with physicians and the rates of two of the most common HAIs.
I have a strong belief in forming a strong, unified voice for critical care nursing, patients and their families.
Preliminary meeting of Latin American critical care nursing leaders and World Federation of Critical Care Nurses

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