critical appraisal

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crit·i·cal ap·prai·sal

(krit'i-kăl ă-prā'zăl)
The systematic process used to locate evidence and evaluate for validity and usefulness; an integral part of evidence-based practice.
See also: evidence-based practice
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Three Key Questions for Rapid Critical Appraisal of RCTs * Are the findings valid?
Faculty confirmed that the quality of on-line exchange was richer in content and critical appraisal than the in-person counterparts.
Consider, for example, websites designed to help social workers and clients acquire critical appraisal skills, such as the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) in Oxford.
While praising the study as a "landmark," Scheinman does say the treatment warrants further critical appraisal before being accepted into cardiologists' clinical arsenal.
The workshop focused on the overview of a structure of research paper, literature search, use of mendeley, writing an effective introduction and results, online apps and software used in medical writing, Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) reviewer form, Calculation of sample size, how to submit an article in an indexed journal, plagiarism, publication ethics, critical appraisal of scientific literature, hedging technique, STROBE, PRISMA, CASP, abstract writing and making of tables from Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) output sheet in MS word sheet.
Among their topics are beyond Eurocentric human rights jurisprudence and towards animality: humanoid robots and the decomposition of African humanism and personhood, revisiting traditional African land ownership practices using indigenous knowledge lenses: the case of the Haya and Tanzania, African law in comparative law: whether it is a case of undermining African jurisprudence and promoting a New World Order agenda, an analysis of the Namibian Superior Courts' judgement on the action for adultery against a third party: implications on African customary laws and jurisprudence, and the Unhu/Ubuntu philosophy and constitutional jurisprudence in Zimbabwe: a critical appraisal of the legitimacy of Operation Restore Legacy.
Deliberating on 'Indian Armed Forces Joint Doctrine 2017: A Critical Appraisal' they said that no longer are the lines 'gray' in terms of what India's hegemonic and dangerous designs for the region since the document is indicative that New Delhi sees both China and Pakistan as direct military threats.
In a communique which was made available to Nigerian Tribune on Monday was signed by the leadership of the House Owners Association representing those from Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi and Abia States, stated that the endorsement was after a critical appraisal of the Governor Ikpeazu's performance.
Inspectors were a group of highly professional people who were conciliatory in their approach, respected the autonomy of teachers and ensured that critical appraisal given boosted teachers' morale and self-esteem.
Key features of a systematic review include the creation of an a priori protocol, clear inclusion criteria, a comprehensive and systematic search process, the critical appraisal of studies, and a formal process of data extraction followed by methods to synthesize, or combine, this data (4).

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