critical appraisal

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crit·i·cal ap·prai·sal

(krit'i-kăl ă-prā'zăl)
The systematic process used to locate evidence and evaluate for validity and usefulness; an integral part of evidence-based practice.
See also: evidence-based practice
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Faculty confirmed that the quality of on-line exchange was richer in content and critical appraisal than the in-person counterparts.
Ideally, educators will include teaching strategies as an integral part of their curriculum to encourage critical appraisal of literature, information seeking via the Internet or other databases, discussion groups/study clubs, and simulated patient case scenarios with treatment planning rationale using current evidence.
Consider, for example, websites designed to help social workers and clients acquire critical appraisal skills, such as the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) in Oxford.
The group identified that the major area where prevalence reviews were disparate was in their conduct of critical appraisal or quality assessment of included studies.
Becoming sexual; a critical appraisal of the sexualization of girls.
Jehangir Badar suggested to the people to go through the critical appraisal of the 1993 elections in the book written by Dr.
Shaukat Ali Jawaid in his critical appraisal of the book commended the useful information provided in the book regarding risk factors, management of high blood pressure and the highlights given in boxes.
2 of the Royal College general standards of accreditation states that "The program must ensure that there are effective teaching programs in the critical appraisal of medical literature using knowledge of research methodology and biostatistics.
Coverage encompasses key concepts of evidence-based clinical work and critical appraisal, prevention, management of specific disorders, and case studies.
Critical appraisal of the literature requires the reader to be familiar with the rules of validity as well as the interpretation of research results.
Similarly, a rigorous property audit, incorporating a critical appraisal of rent reviews and rates appeals, we can help maximise property asset values.
Chapters analyze Vietnam to Iraq, providing a blend of history and critical appraisal of US responses.

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