critical appraisal

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crit·i·cal ap·prai·sal

(krit'i-kăl ă-prā'zăl)
The systematic process used to locate evidence and evaluate for validity and usefulness; an integral part of evidence-based practice.
See also: evidence-based practice
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Critical appraisal can be performed to assess the methodological rigour of a wide range of studies (for example, literature reviews, randomized controlled trials, non-randomized controlled trials, interrupted time series, prospective longitudinal studies, retrospective longitudinal studies, cross- sectional studies, qualitative studies, narrative, opinions and textual papers) (Burls 2009: 3).
2010) Healthcare librarians and the delivery of critical appraisal training: attitudes, level of involvement and support.
While journal clubs should provide a platform to review the latest literature, they should also have a clearly defined curriculum for teaching critical appraisal skills, including basic knowledge of epidemiology and biostatistics.
4) In an effort to provide medical students and residents necessary skills, both the Association of American Medical Colleges and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education have required inclusion of critical appraisal skills as a curricular subject.
On the evidence of this volume, Olafioye is not equipped to write any sort of critical appraisal, at least not in English.
However, those females who may not have proven themselves as able, or demonstrated characteristics to achieve, and are only expecting to achieve good grades will surely benefit from some reality check as they learn to develop a rather healthier perspective and critical appraisal of their learning situations.
Part of the process of critical appraisal is the calculation of the number of patients that have to be treated with the experimental or new treatment to avoid the event in question.
The cascading influence of the quality of scholarship in the professions highlights the importance of candidness and critical appraisal.
Immunizing children in Southeast Asia: a critical appraisal of current EPI status and future prospects.
I particularly appreciated his critical appraisal of the social implications inherent in the dynamic worldview characteristic of "yin-yang symbolic thinking.
Geary offers a succinct history of the field, a critical appraisal of the state of the question, and telling examples of how he feels research on the topic ought to proceed.
The author also discusses the advantages and limitations of the market as a social institution, provides a critical appraisal of exchange and its transformation over time, and gives a view of the functioning of the capitalist and socialist economies.

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