critical angle

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crit·i·cal an·gle

the angle of incidence at which a ray of light, in passing between two media, changes from refraction to total reflection.
Synonym(s): limiting angle
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Specific modes that were used for the analysis of the phenomena of hysteresis are shown in figure 1, where [] is a critical angle of attack that is characterised by sharp changes in the pressure profile on the blade back, [i.sub.0] is angle of attack that is characterised by correlation of normal and separated performance and is determined by coincidence of the pressure profile of the pressure distribution on the blade back at normal and separated characteristics, [bar.i'] = i'/[i.sub.KP] is a parameter of inability to calculate the flow performances by the angle of attack (at i' > [i'.sub.KP]), and [i.sub.0] = [i.sub.0]/[i.sub.KP] is a parameter of inability to calculate (at [i.sub.0] < [i.sub.KP]).
Therefore, all of the critical angles lie in the range [pi]/2 < [[theta].sup.-.sub.n] [less than or equal to] [pi].
Clearly, the range of essays in Hemingway and Women is impressive; Broer and Holland have done an admirable job of selecting works that examine Hemingway's work and life from a myriad of critical angles. Like any other collection of essays, however, some of the selections are decidedly stronger than others.
Goebel's approach is theoretically informed by poststructuralist and postcolonial theory as well as by critical angles from cultural studies.
As in preceding analyses, various models of undermining effects were again tested using the Bals and Knothe influence functions and the chosen interval of values of critical angles. The results of these tests are also shown in Appendix 4, and once again, although not as clearly, they lead to the same conclusion: The Bals subsidence model fits the real shape of the subsidence basin best.
Prototypes of cooling pipes, designed with critical angles and varied sections to approximate real shapes, have been produced by Rhodia with Technyl Wit1 and Wit2, using side-cavity molds.
This software offers rapid, quantitative analysis of data that includes the total and percent time the wrist spends at critical angles; minimum, maximum, and mean wrist angles in four directions; the number of repetitions; and velocity and acceleration data.
Hold the cutting-edge end of the tool with your left hand (if you're right-handed) and the tool handle in your right hand, since this hand controls critical angles and pressures of the blade on the wood.
The size of the antenna under test and the size and location of the finite measurement area define critical angles [theta.sup.1] and [phi.sup.2].

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