critical angle

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crit·i·cal an·gle

the angle of incidence at which a ray of light, in passing between two media, changes from refraction to total reflection.
Synonym(s): limiting angle
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Caption: Figure 3: 2D GISAXS intensity pattern from the sample annealed at 800[degrees]C obtained (a) at the critical angle of grazing incidence ac.
The critical angle of the rear face sheet of honeycomb sandwich panel was 70[degrees] as shown in Figures 9(b) and 10(b).
The light guide design here is defined so, that at starting conditions there exist a critical angle (TIR condition) for incidence light at the air-light guide interface.
This angle will ensure that sun rays will never exceed critical angle of glass, hence reducing reflection losses to a minimum.
It also shows that the two media only accept plane waves that are incident up to a critical angle equal to [sin.sup.-1] [square root of [[epsilon].sub.zr].
"In Search of Camara Laye" opens up yet another critical angle as Irele takes issue with Adele King's highly controversial 2002 book alleging that Laye could not have been the author of the first two works that bore his name (L'Enfant noir and Le Regard du rot).
Operating parameters such as gas flow rate, pressure, temperature and pipe ID are used to calculate the critical angle requirements for DG-ICDA.
The reflected amplitude ratio becomes unity after critical angle [theta] = 42 [degrees].
Specific modes that were used for the analysis of the phenomena of hysteresis are shown in figure 1, where [] is a critical angle of attack that is characterised by sharp changes in the pressure profile on the blade back, [i.sub.0] is angle of attack that is characterised by correlation of normal and separated performance and is determined by coincidence of the pressure profile of the pressure distribution on the blade back at normal and separated characteristics, [bar.i'] = i'/[i.sub.KP] is a parameter of inability to calculate the flow performances by the angle of attack (at i' > [i'.sub.KP]), and [i.sub.0] = [i.sub.0]/[i.sub.KP] is a parameter of inability to calculate (at [i.sub.0] < [i.sub.KP]).
The critical angle [[theta].sub.crit] determining the boundary for the effective fibres can be found by using expression:

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