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The largest effects were observed for ownership type and critical access hospital status.
Quality improvement strategies and best practices in Critical Access Hospitals. Journal Of Rural Health, 20(4), 327-334.
Fairly high Medicare reliance of 54% reflects area demographics and enhanced Medicare rates related to WMH's critical access hospital designation.
He was also credited with converting all of the state's 34 Critical Access Hospitals, a designation which 31 maintain today.
First, none of the four institutions from which almost half the transfers came were Critical Access Hospitals. In fact, patients transferred from the five Critical Access Hospitals taken together, comprised only 12.3% of the total number.
Nearly one-third of Most Wired hospitals and one-fifth of all responding hospitals offer telehealth visits to rural health clinics and critical access hospitals. One-fifth of the Most Wired hospitals offer telehealth consults to federally qualified health centers.
The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations recently announced the 2007 National Patient Safety Goals and related requirements that will apply specifically to accredited hospitals and critical access hospitals.
The new standards, which went out for review on August 17th, are being proposed for innclusion in JCAHO's Ambulatory Care, Critical Access Hospital, Hospital, and Laboratory accreditation manuals.
GAO reviewed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service's (CMS)new rule on revisions to payment policies under the physician fee schedule for calendar year 2003 and inclusion of registered nurses in the personnel provision of the critical access hospital emergency services requirement for frontier areas and remote locations.
Q: I understand that radiation therapy and MRI are not included in the SNF PPS per diem payment when furnished in a Medicare-participating hospital or critical access hospital, and therefore the nursing home does not have to pay for them.
The proposal would enhance the Critical Access Hospital (CAH) program, which already provides special Medicare reimbursement for certain rural hospitals with 15 or fewer inpatient beds.