criterion-related validity

cri·te·ri·on-·re·lat·ed va·lid·i·ty

the degree of effectiveness with which performance on a test or procedure predicts performance in a real-life situation; for example, a good correlation between a score on an intelligence test such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test and one's 4-year college grade point average.

cri·te·ri·on-re·lat·ed va·lid·i·ty

(krī-tēr-ŏn rĕ-lātĕd vă-lidi-tē)
Degree of effectiveness with which performance on a test or procedure predicts performance in real life.
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Specifically, the measure created in this study is reliable and unidimensional, and it shows criterion-related validity when predicting firm level performance.
From an academic standpoint, one should ensure that criterion-related validity, internal consistency and test-retest reliability are present in the instrument.
Then, to test for criterion-related validity, we used Spearman rank-order correlation coefficients.
Based on generally weak criterion-related validity, they concluded that personality tests have in fact little to no value as employee selection instruments.
Criterion-related validity that questions how well the measure predicts a future outcome is called predictive validity.
In the area of psychological testing, there are several types of validation, and you need to be certain that the test has criterion-related validity.