criterion-related validity

cri·te·ri·on-·re·lat·ed va·lid·i·ty

the degree of effectiveness with which performance on a test or procedure predicts performance in a real-life situation; for example, a good correlation between a score on an intelligence test such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test and one's 4-year college grade point average.

cri·te·ri·on-re·lat·ed va·lid·i·ty

(krī-tēr-ŏn rĕ-lātĕd vă-lidi-tē)
Degree of effectiveness with which performance on a test or procedure predicts performance in real life.
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66, which indicated that the scale has reasonable criterion-related validity.
Accordingly, with the aim of developing a new measuring instrument for alexithymia, the procedures of item selection, creation of its factor structure, and developing a new form were conducted, and the new form was tested for internal consistency, test-retest reliability, criterion-related validity and discriminant validity.
We will also explore the psychometric properties of the questionnaire, in terms of reliability and criterion-related validity.
Similar to reliability, there are different types of validity that can be established when evaluating a tool, which include content validity, criterion-related validity, construct validity, and factor analysis (Polit & Beck, 2016).
Criterion-related validity and nomological validity were assessed relating past, present and future life satisfaction with life with the aforementioned criteria, both with traditional correlations and also within a structural equation modeling.
To calculate the criterion-related validity of the ASDA(C) compared to the Chinese version of the longer-form Multidimensional Orientation toward Dying and Death Inventory (MODDI-F/chin), 49 undergraduates were randomly assigned to complete both questionnaires.
Therefore, the purposes of this study were to translate and culturally adapt the MFS into Persian language, and to assess the discriminative validity, construct validity, concurrent criterion-related validity, internal consistency reliability, and test-retest reliability of the Persian MFS (PMFS) in young athletes with LBP.
Each primary study that is published about criterion-related validity of the 20MSR test only constitutes a single piece of a constantly growing body of evidence (Cooper et al.
The specific goals of this study were to collect construct-related and criterion-related validity evidence.
Finally, the criterion-related validity was also examined.
The criterion-related validity of the two instruments was assessed by the Spearman rank-order correlation.
Convergent, Discriminant, and Criterion-Related Validity