(krī-tēr'ē-ŏn ref'ĕr-ĕnst)
A psychometric property of a standardized test that compares a person's performance against a set of standard criteria.
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Criterion-referenced protocols or assessments are designed to measure student performance against a fixed set of predetermined criteria.
A criterion-referenced test (CRT) based on the selected educational objectives of the wind turbine blade design instructional unit served as the main analytical assessment for the study.
Hence, standardised, or criterion-referenced testing.
The Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE[R]) is a criterion-referenced performance examination administered over a weekend in a hospital.
Each of these parts is structured similarly and is based on an exhaustive revision of previous literature; the parts each cover one of the main topics of educational measurement: Criterion-Referenced Testing (CRT); Item Response Theory (IRT); Computer-Based Testing (CBT); Cross-Lingual Assessment; and Accountability Testing and Score Reporting.
The challenges in criterion-referenced exams include the need to make sure all the judges make the same judgement about the same performances (i.e.
Standards-based assessment is rooted in criterion-referenced design, meaning students' performance is evaluated relative to educational standards, as opposed to the performance of one's peers.
A more rigorous, criterion-referenced assignment would require the candidate to develop the lesson plan for a specific third-grade science objective that will accommodate a class' gifted students and English-language learners.
Earlier still, when initial proponents of criterion-referenced measurement were attempting to sort out how to create and improve tests leading to criterion-referenced inferences, Cox (1971) and other measurement specialists tried to devise ways to maximize a test item's sensitivity to instruction.
A consumer's guide to setting performance standard on criterion-referenced tests.
The term "criterion-referenced testing" was first used by Glaser in a series of publications in the early 1960s.