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1. A set of rules for assessing or categorizing a thing.
2. A listing of the signs and symptoms of a disease. See Exclusion criteria, Harvard criteria, Inclusion/exclusion criteria, Initial peer review criteria, Light's criteria, Pittsburgh criteria, Release criteria, Sequestration criteria, Transfusion criteria, Witherspoon criteria.


Plural of criterion


(kri-ter'e-on) ('e-a) plural.criteria [L. criterium fr Gr. kriterion, a means for judging]
A standard or attribute for judging a condition or establishing a diagnosis.

eligibility criterion

Entry criterion.

entry criterion

Any of a patient's characteristics that make him or her a candidate for enrollment in a clinical trial of a new treatment or therapeutic device.
Synonym: eligibility criterion; inclusion criterion

inclusion criterion

Entry criterion.

criteria (krītēr´ēə), predetermined rules or guidelines for dental care, developed by dental professionals relying on professional expertise, prior experience, and the professional literature, with which aspects of actual instances of dental care may be compared.
Explicit criteria are predetermined, specific, and measurable;
implicit criteria are implied or understood but not directly expressed.

Patient discussion about criteria

Q. what are the criteria for fibromyalgia. Am I affected by fibromyalgia? I am at a loss to conclude because many say different symptoms and signs of fibromyalgia. So what are the criteria for fibromyalgia?

A. It’s always better to know the basic signs about a disease which will help us to take precaution. Regarding fibromyalgia a person can be diagnosed if they have the following signs and symptoms: pain in at least 11 different tender points. What are tender points? Tender points are areas along the skin that are painful to the touch and which overlie areas of joint and soft tissue pain. These tender points can be in the following areas: hips, knees, neck, shoulders, elbows and chest. They can also be on either side of the body. In addition to a specified number of tender points, an individual must also have had a long-term history of pain lasting for at least 3 months. Of course, symptoms that are typically associated with fibromyalgia also include muscle and joint stiffness upon awakening or after sitting in a fixed position for a prolonged length of time, headaches and facial pain (migraines, TMJ), sleep problems, memory lapses, confusion, digestive problems and mood disorders.

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This direction supersedes any previous direction regarding selection criteria for the BRAC 2005 process.
Having our Luna HSM platform certified for both Common Criteria and SigG, as well as FIPS certification, allows us to serve a global, high-performance identity management market," said Chris Fedde, Senior Vice President and General Manager for SafeNet's Enterprise Security Division.
The study's methodology did not establish any criteria for self-assessment of the user's comfort level.
CPAs can use each of the framework's components and their criteria to help entities create privacy policies and specific details for managing and implementing controls.
The general acceptability criteria developed for alternative methods to animal testing by the European Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods were discussed in the context of (Q)SARs and were fully accepted.
The convergence criteria aim at fostering stability within the monetary union and the accession countries.
Note that the article uses medical and biological criteria to define "brain death", but then adds "social formulation," to determine the "death of a person", or to justify the removal of organs and their transplantation.
Each of these criteria were composed of a range of sub-criteria that gave frae detail to the criteria.
The District Director may grant an extension of time for completing the modification beyond two years, on receipt of a written statement from the trustee that reasonable actions have been taken to meet the domestic trust criteria, but, due to circumstances beyond the trustees control, the trust is unable to meet such criteria within the two-year period.
Recent studies have shown that there is great variability across transplant centers in the criteria they employ to select patients on the waiting list (criteria for deciding who among those on the waiting list receives an available organ are more objective and standardized).
The athletic director will meet with the sponsor and pass on the school board's criteria for an individually funded sport to be considered for acceptance.
A variant on this phenomenon is the patient selection criteria for organ transplantation.