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A regional slang term for the practice of setting up a line of cocaine next to a line of heroin; the user places a straw in each nostril and snorts about half of each line; then the straws are crossed and the remaining lines are snorted
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Okwui Enwezor, artistic director of Documenta 11, and his cocur-ators (Carlos Basualdo, Ute Meta Bauer, Susanne Ghez, Sarat Maharaj, Mark Nash, and Octavio Zaya) have found a new way to make their voices heard, turning Documenta into a series of events that will crisscross the globe for over a year before settling in Kassel, Germany, the show's traditional host city, in June 2002.
He moves dancers in simple formations, walking, running, jumping, skipping in lines that neatly crisscross the stage.
Badler noticed that a crisscross pattern of long incisions sporting a pale, yellowish residue ran along the inside of the double-handled jar, which resides at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
As Donald Trump crisscrossed the state fundraising and rallying supporters this week, Texas Democrats gathered to unite thousands of delegates behind their party's presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, to help ensure Trump's defeat.
For a couple months in 1976, I became the volunteer chauffeur for Congressman Symms and the Chenoweths, as we crisscrossed Idaho's beautiful 1st Congressional District on the political stump circuit.
Featuring a different lineup each year, this performance caravan crisscrosses the Tar Heel State from September through February, stopping in six major cities and featuring the work of eight touring companies, plus additional performances by local artists at each stop.
Dropping the politicos back in Washington, D.C., I then crisscrossed the country picking up "poor-performing" owner/operators who were giving the industry a bad name and sealed them up in a cave where they would do no one significant harm.
REGINA GREER CRISSCROSSES ALMOST 23 STATES as the business service manager for American Water Company, based in Fairview Heights, Illinois.
Laboriously claimed from the sea, crisscrossed by canals and spotted with windmills, the tiny country produced a vibrant bourgeois society with an astonishing artistic legacy, in what has been called the Dutch golden age (2).
Their demonstrator aircraft has crisscrossed the continent a number of times, flying into air shows and remote bush camps from Florida to Alaska.
Founded in 1886, its first president, Dean William MacDonald, crisscrossed the state, spreading, as Homer Ulrich described in the centennial history of MTNA, "the gospel of music." The state's railroads provided free transportation to visit all the state's schools in the interest of the association.
D&M notes that all developed countries are crisscrossed by pipelines which transport products thousands of miles.