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Are we in organizations learning anything from our crises?
How well are all these claims of crises in American education supported?
Understanding purchase intention during product-harm crises: Moderating effects of perceived corporate ability and corporate social responsibility.
The crises opened with Act I (2001-2006), a prodromal pre-crisis stage where a framing error by GM engineers negatively affected the nascent sense-making process.
Crises and disasters harm communities, the achievements of peoples and nations and their institutions.
A critical facet to understanding crisis communication lies in an examination of the ways crises are impacted by news media and media consumption.
All companies are subject to fire crises and workplace fatalities, too."
The benefits of dealing with crises proactively include:
In addition, Tzeng and Yin (2008) observed that nurses displayed medical conflicts and medical mistakes particularly during crises. Thus, it is justified that effective crisis management and well-devised risk management programs might be helpful in preventing a crisis from becoming more severe and turning into a catastrophe or in reducing the number of incidents concerning medical conflicts (Tzeng & Yin, 2008; Tzeng, 2006).
In financial Crises, Credit Booms, and External imbalances: 140 Years of Lessons (NBER Working Paper No.
All senior staff have operational experience of crises, incidents, emergencies or disasters, enabling them to deliver pragmatic business continuity and crisis management solutions along with crisis communications and media training based on real-life experience.
(4) King contends that the crisis of 2008 was not a simple rerun of the financial crises of the past.