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Denoting a person who, owing to a physical defect or injury, is partially or completely disabled.
[A.S. creopan, to creep]
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Because the Americans are leaving after they achieved the crippled country project; a country with no teeth that cannot arm its army with missiles and planes, a state that has no safe borders after the Americans have opened its borders and destroyed it and its air defense bases."
Saudi Arabia's national team for those with special needs for football clinched semi finals at the 5th World Final Games for the Crippled 2010, currently ongoing in South Africa after beating Hungary 4-0.
"Two gunmen broke and entered a house in al-Tanak neighborhood, western Mosul, and used their hand guns to shoot dead at an 83-year-old crippled man and ran away," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
That injury can go to stage 5 - and when one is crippled, one is risking not coming back.
In 1900 at the age of 34, she began her life's work, the care of crippled children.
Crippled The strike over an extra pounds 10 per week has crippled car production at Leyland and Chrysler, and has made hundreds of men idle.
THE Royal Mail national distribution centre in Crick, near Rugby, could be crippled if a threatened walkout goes ahead.
Having been crippled by polio in 1944, I already loved my own shoulders with a passion that was at least as great.
But, Hermann was born a crippled person, so was not considered to be a "typical Wolverad."
Of course Christopher Clausen ["The President and the Wheelchair," WQ, Summer '05] is right when he says that Frank Freidel and Arthur Schlesinger Jr., in their books about Franklin Delano Roosevelt written in the 1950s, "treat his polio and its physical manifestations matter-of-factly, as if every well-informed person knew at least the essentials of his condition and had known at the time." I think you could delete "well-informed." What with the publicity roused by Warm Springs and the March of Dimes and the parental panic caused by infantile paralysis, every sane voter knew that America's president was crippled by polio.
NEW LIFE: Jan Wilks, who was crippled by multiple sclerosis, with son Reece, four Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL
London Underground services were crippled today when a strike by thousands of workers brought travel chaos to the capital.