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Denoting a person who, owing to a physical defect or injury, is partially or completely disabled.
[A.S. creopan, to creep]
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The assassinations of intellectual Iraqis and financial corruption, stealing the food ration elements, and rareness of water are all related to the crippled country.
It comes as engineers say they have moved a step closer to emptying highly radioactive water from one of the six crippled reactors.
IAEA chief Amano hopes to visit Japan's crippled nuke plant
Crippled The strike over an extra pounds 10 per week has crippled car production at Leyland and Chrysler, and has made hundreds of men idle.
I would like her to know that I am crippled as badly as she is, having just been in a bad crash.
Paul Minnesota and Crippled Children's School, Jamestown, ND, where she soon became principal).
Apollo 13'' is also a celebration of scientists themselves, the pocket- protector geeks who figured out a way to bring the astronauts in the crippled spacecraft back to earth.
It's not deadly, but it is devastating--often leaving victims with crippled legs and brain damage.
Eileen Dallaglio, who lost her 19-year-old daughter Francesca Guila Maria in the tragedy, said: 'We are emotionally crippled and we have been emotionally crippled and emotionally raped over the last 12 years.
In having a crippled artist figu re for the character who shapes desire, the mind/body binary sets Cripple even further apart from the other young men in the play who spend their time pursuing pleasure.
Challenging that glum forecast, a research group has now used a genetically crippled form of the yeast Blastomyces dermatitidis to immunize mice.
I would have one injection Monday, felt crippled on Tuesday and played Wednesday.