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The branch of science concerned with the physical and mental characteristics and behavior of criminals.
[L. crimen, crime, + G. logos, study]
(1) The study of criminal behavior (forensic psychiatry)
(2) The study of the nature, causes, and means of handling criminal acts, viewed from the perspective of the police


the study of crime, the people who commit crimes, and penal codes used to deter crime and punish criminals.
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More than 350 papers will be presented, covering aspects of criminology such as crime prevention, policing, prisons, surveillance, anti-social behaviour and counter terrorism.
The incoming editor of Criminology and Public Policy, he has published more than 140 peer-reviewed papers in leading journals from a wide range of fields, including criminology, sociology, statistics, demography, economics, psychiatry and psychometrics.
A report by the Environmental Criminology Research Unit says the SMP has had major success in helping to tackle crime across the region.
We were also a regular presence at criminology and sociology conferences--organizing caucuses, recruiting activists, and making life miserable for the old guard of "agency determined," government-sponsored researchers and technocrats whose settled world was disrupted by the New Left.
Anyone interested in applying to study for a degree in criminology at Edge Hill should ring 01695 584637.
Sage has already begun the publication of "European Journal of Criminology," a journal written to be major European source for information and analysis of crime and criminal justice issues.
Building Modern Criminology collects four decades of theoretical essays and research papers by David Greenberg, a sociologist pulled away by his political experiences during the Vietnam War from a career in theoretical high energy physics into criminology.
Police (1975), an analytical handbook written for community activists by Berkeley School of Criminology radicals (available at www.
Sage text/reader series in criminology and criminal justice
PESHAWAR, May 26, 2011 (Balochistan Times ): The latest issue of Pakistan Journal of Criminology (PJC) has been published by Pakistan Society of Criminology that includes research based articles from senior police officers, both serving and retired.
The Asian Criminology Society was formed in 2009 in Macau, China.
Enhanced for students with a comprehensive Index, ""Key Readings in Criminology" is not only appropriate for academic library Criminology reference collections, but for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the study of crime, its causes, formats, and consequences.