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The branch of science concerned with the physical and mental characteristics and behavior of criminals.
[L. crimen, crime, + G. logos, study]
(1) The study of criminal behavior (forensic psychiatry)
(2) The study of the nature, causes, and means of handling criminal acts, viewed from the perspective of the police


the study of crime, the people who commit crimes, and penal codes used to deter crime and punish criminals.
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Another difference is political affiliation; though academic economists and criminologists are both predominantly Democrats, Democratic economists outnumber their Republican counterparts by almost three to one, while in sociology (of which criminology is a subfield) there are about 37 Democratic faculty members for every Republican.
It is a traditional form of intellectualism (Gramsci 1971) that positions the criminologist as an expert apart from the publics it seeks to influence.
POLICE officers, criminologists and forensic scientists from around the world will attend a major conference at Huddersfield University this week with the aim of gaining greater understanding of people who kill children and how to catch them.
Today criminologists agree that mass incarceration has played a very modest role, if any at all, in the sustained drop in crime that began in the early 1990s even before the huge increases in incarceration.
The criminologists, who based their research on psychological profiles of 16 nurses turned serial killers over the last 32 years, have also sent their research to another police force in England, which is investigating a number of deaths at a hospital.
In a new study, a team of criminologists makes the case that reported crime rates should acknowledge uncertainty in the data.
This slip obfuscates the research on violent conflict that non-American criminologists have already begun (e.
Well-written, and perhaps rather too deliberately provocative though it is, this book will be a grave disappointment to any criminologist of a critical, or even mildly social democratic, persuasion.
Mauser is a Canadian criminologist and university professor.
Criminologist Prof Martin Gill, who led the research team, said: "There was an overall perception of safety and security among most staff.
Scapegoats of September 11: Hate Crimes & State Crimes in the War on Terror is an essential title for any college-level collection on criminology and social sciences: it comes from a criminologist who argues that the 'war on terror' is a political charade which produces scapegoats for emotional relief.
Dr Cook has to rely on printed material, I suppose, but there must be many people like me who have memories of the story before the article in the Criminologist.