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The branch of science concerned with the physical and mental characteristics and behavior of criminals.
[L. crimen, crime, + G. logos, study]
(1) The study of criminal behavior (forensic psychiatry)
(2) The study of the nature, causes, and means of handling criminal acts, viewed from the perspective of the police


the study of crime, the people who commit crimes, and penal codes used to deter crime and punish criminals.
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Scandinavian detectives and a leading criminologist from the USA will be among the speakers at the event which is entitled Investigating Child Homicide: An International Symposium.
The criminologists, who based their research on psychological profiles of 16 nurses turned serial killers over the last 32 years, have also sent their research to another police force in England, which is investigating a number of deaths at a hospital.
9) Interaction between criminologists and nonacademic groups has often taken the form of consulting, which is mostly driven by the desire to supplement incomes rather than to contribute to critical, progressive change (an example of Gouldner's "living off rather than for sociology").
Criminologists have come up with the startling figure by analysing the number of missing people in the country, some of them from the Midlands.
Wyn Jones, chairman of Liverpool Magistrates' Court, said he would commit ``100pc'' of burglars to Crown Court, while criminologist Ken Pease, who works with Merseyside Police, branded the guidelines as ``bizarre''.
On MSNBC, criminologist Casey Jordan declared that the Net was "the key" to the story: "They were in chat rooms; they had Web pages.
Gary Mauser, a criminologist at Simon Fraser University, called the Seattle/Vancouver comparisons "a particularly egregious example" of "an abuse of scholarship, inventing, selecting, or misinterpreting data in order to validate a priori conclusions.
Redundant Networks and Productive Solutions in Reno along with Private Investigator Ed Sorensen and criminologist, James R.
Criminologist David Wilson will offer an insight into the criminal mind while sociologists discuss the effects of advertisements and housing experts let you know if you are a neighbour from hell.
Criminologist Dr Mike Rowe spent 650 hours shadowing officers, but found he spent only two-and-a-half of them out on foot patrol.
As criminologist Frank Tannenbaum, a prominent labeling-perspective theorist, argued in his 1983 book Crime and the Community, "The process of making the criminal.
Prof Mike Hough, a London criminologist, said: "This is nonsense.