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The branch of science concerned with the physical and mental characteristics and behavior of criminals.
[L. crimen, crime, + G. logos, study]
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(1) The study of criminal behavior (forensic psychiatry)
(2) The study of the nature, causes, and means of handling criminal acts, viewed from the perspective of the police
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Kates and Kleck suggest that reasonable controls, such as preventing felons and the insane from possessing firearms, are both constitutional and criminologically sound in light of the current research.
Indeed, he stood, criminologically speaking, up there, fixed and immutable, upon the rim of the century, shoulder to guilty shoulder with the looming Titans of venenation - Crippen and Seddon.
In this view, the advent of mass incarceration, essentially a rejection of any criminologically sound approach to the penal question, would seem to operate retrospectively as a sort of "great equalizer" between liberal and radical criminological traditions.