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The branch of science concerned with the physical and mental characteristics and behavior of criminals.
[L. crimen, crime, + G. logos, study]
(1) The study of criminal behavior (forensic psychiatry)
(2) The study of the nature, causes, and means of handling criminal acts, viewed from the perspective of the police


the study of crime, the people who commit crimes, and penal codes used to deter crime and punish criminals.
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But the larger criminological question was why Ford, at this particular time, could be prosecuted for a crime when other corporations who had killed people had not.
It would have been useful for the themes--such as difficulties with the nature and amount of existing criminological data, and economic problems with criminal justice and other policy interventions--that are apparent throughout the book to have been brought together for discussion in a conclusion.
However, Nagwa Hussein Khalil, director of the National Egyptian Council for Social and Criminological Research, said that no such study was ever conducted.
Various criminological theories are located chronologically in the context of one of these different traditions, and the strengths and weaknesses of each theory and model are identified.
Prof Pfeiffer who runs the Lower Saxony Criminological Research Institute, added: "In Germany we believe that the certainty of a sanction is more important than the severity of the sanction.
The task is well served because, in the main, the authors write as theologians and resist the temptation to allow sociological and criminological jargon to bear the weight of their convictions.
The society aims to further the interests and knowledge of both academics and professionals who are engaged in criminological research and education.
The programme offers graduate students advance course work in theory and practice, and cutting edge analytical skills that enable them to both conduct and understand criminological research.
Executives who strip corporations of money for their own use (called "looting control frauds" in criminological circles) use accounting fraud as a weapon of choice to inflate income and net worth.
Ghulam possibly meant that people who persistently fall foul of law enforcement tend to dislike it - doubtless a new and significant, but rather different, criminological insight.
The Stockholm Prize in Criminology is awarded for "outstanding achievements in criminological research or for the application of research results by practitioners for the reduction of crime and the advancement of human rights.