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The act or intent (i.e., mens rea) of violating or breaking the law, or helping others to. Crimes are offences against society which may be punished by the state.
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Q. Does anyone have information on Bipolar "blackouts" or know what they're really called? My boyfriend is bipolar and experienced a blackout a few weeks ago during which he did something completely out of character. A crime was committed and he has since been arrested. He's having trouble coping as he has no memory of the crime. He was on Wellbuterin and a doctor prescribed steroids and vicodin for a crushed disc. The chemicals may have led him into this blackout. He is a wonderful loving person and is now facing a life sentence for this terrible thing that happened that he had no conscious control over. They will not continue his medications in jail and he is not receiving mental or medical treatment. Is there anyone out there that can help me find some answers?

A. i never heard of such thing. but there are strange results sometimes from mixing drugs that affect the central nervous system. here is for instance a web page talking about interactions between Vicodin and Wellbutrin.

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As a general rule, in case the crime is committed by an individual (other than the manager) in the name and for the account of the company, that individual perpetrator alone should be criminally liable for the offence.
children als"We need to question how young people are being criminally exploited.
The verdict will be guilty, not guilty, or not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder.
He pled guilty to both charges and then made an application to be found not criminally responsible (NCR) under s.
Tuttle was suffering from bipolar-type schizoaffective disorder at the time of the fire and was not criminally responsible for his behavior.
State prosecutor Gerrie Nel said that Pistorius did not suffer from a mental illness or defect that would have rendered him criminally not responsible for the offence charged.
South African Olympic and Paralympic track starOscarPistoriuswas ordered on Tuesday to undergo a month of psychiatric tests to find out whether he was criminally responsible when he shot dead his girlfriend on Valentine's Day last year.
Multiple Emmy-winning Canadian documentary veteran John Kastner offers a companion piece to his "NCR: Not Criminally Responsible" with "Out of Mind, Out of Sight." Where the 2013 film followed one patient's difficult readjustment to society after release from Ottawa's Brockville Mental Health Centre, this latest focuses on the personalities and care of four criminally violent inmates still residing at said forensic psychiatric hospital.
The Moritz Scale, as you can see, ranks bad behavior by political figures on a scale of 1 (behavior that "just looks bad") to 5 (criminally bad behavior).
Criminally underacknowledged outside his own sport, Cook is also famous for (literally) never breaking sweat, is utterly unflappable at the crease and very much the quintessential under-stated Englishman.
According to ( TVLine , Potente has scored the role of a "mysterious patient" at the institute for the criminally insane.
EVEN if found criminally insane, mass killer Anders Breivik is likely to remain inside the walls of the prison where he has been held since his bomb and gun attacks in July.