criminal insanity

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crim·i·nal in·san·i·ty

in forensic psychiatry, a term that describes the degree of mental competence and that is defined by such currently applicable legal precedents as the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, the American Law Institute rule, Durham rule, M'Naghten rule, and the New Hampshire rule.
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For the sake of the Gillespie family and others in a similar situation, the Irish government should push ahead at full speed to amend the criminal insanity laws.
It was argued that questions of criminal insanity should be decided by medical experts rather than untrained juries.
On December 13 last year, the day after Justice Minister Michael McDowell introduced new criminal insanity legislation, Judge Carney adjourned sentencing to allow further time for an assessment of a treatment regime.
In handing down the ruling, Presiding Judge Nobuaki Horiuchi said, ''At the time of the crime, the accused was in a state of criminal insanity due to schizophrenia and did not have the ability to hold responsibility.
Justice Minister John O'Donoghue should read these words carefully this morning as he pours over his plans to tighten up the criminal insanity legislation.
Sending Costello to Central Mental Hospital indefinitely Justice Paul Butler hit out at the government saying the criminal insanity laws are "not only grotesque, but obscene".
Doubt (the man) was in a state of criminal insanity at the time of the crime cannot be wiped away,'' Presiding Judge Hiroshi Yamura said in handing down the decision.
After the fall out, he vowed: "I will be bringing forward new legislation on criminal insanity in time for to be taken up during the coming Dail session.

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