criminal insanity

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crim·i·nal in·san·i·ty

in forensic psychiatry, a term that describes the degree of mental competence and that is defined by such currently applicable legal precedents as the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, the American Law Institute rule, Durham rule, M'Naghten rule, and the New Hampshire rule.
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(34) The Alabama Supreme Court reversed the conviction and adopted a new test for determining criminal insanity. (35)
Yesterday a jury found Egan not guilty on grounds of insanity in the first case to be tried under new criminal insanity legislation which came into effect in June.
1371, 1391 n.95 (1986) (explaining that a legally insane defendant must lack "rationality [with regard to] the conduct with which he is criminally charged" (citing HERBERT FINGARETTE, THE MEANING OF CRIMINAL INSANITY 210-11 (1972))).
His discussion is thus not as complete as it could and, given his sources, should have been, but his detailed and fully documented discussion of castration alone should have made it impossible for later historians of nineteenth century sexuality to make bland statements such as this by Thomas Laqueur: "There was no male castration, no removal of healthy testes, except in a few rare and quite specific instances for criminal insanity or to treat cancer of the prostate." (27) Cancer of the prostate was one disease from which those Kansas boys had been guaranteed permanent protection.
2) Contact with pets is used to treat problems ranging from depression to criminal insanity.
For retentionist arguments, see, for example, HERBERT FINGARETTE, THE MEANING OF CRIMINAL INSANITY (1972); ABRAHAM S.
Legislation being looked at by the Irish Government as a result of this case will contain a new definition of criminal insanity and replace the 'guilty but insane' verdict with 'not guilty by reason of insanity'.
The Republic's Justice Minister John O'Donoghue should read these words very carefully this morning as he pours over his plans to tighten up the criminal insanity legislation.
(50.) Other commentators have observed the nexus between personal identity theory and criminal insanity doctrine.
A liberal lawyer and politician and former governor of New York, who had an interest in criminal insanity, defended him and argued that the racist system which had exploited, brutalised and imprisoned him and denied him justice had created, and then denied, his insanity: `A life so filled with neglect, injustice and severity, with anxiety, pain, disappointment, solitude and grief, would have its fitting conclusion in a madhouse.'
Now, we, the American public, are cooperating on a truly massive scale with the evil and criminal insanity of the nuclear arms race.
He covers mental health care in 19th-century Ireland, creating the asylums and the insanity defence, women in the Central Criminal Lunatic Asylum 1868-1948, clinical aspects of criminal insanity in Ireland during the 19th and 20th centuries, and reform and renewal: into the 20th century.

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