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v. cried (krīd), crying, cries (krīz)
1. To shed tears, especially as a result of strong emotion such as grief, sorrow, pain, or joy.
2. To call loudly; shout.
n. pl. cries (krīz)
1. A loud utterance of an emotion, such as fear, anger, or despair.
2. A loud exclamation; a shout or call.
3. A fit of weeping: had a good long cry.


Etymology: OFr, crier
1 a sudden, loud voluntary or automatic vocalization in response to pain, fear, or a startle reflex.
2 weeping, as a reaction to pain or an emotional response to depression or grief.


The production of inarticulate sounds, with or without weeping, which may be sudden, loud, or quiet, as in a sob.

Patient discussion about cry

Q. Is there anyone out there that could help? I just wanna cry……. Hi Everyone...Thanks to Imedix . I am only 6 weeks pregnant and every day night is troublesome to me with horrible symptoms of shakiness, high heartbeat, sour stomach, tiredness, and a very extreme nausea. I can't sleep and my stomach feels punched by someone. Anyone else has experienced this? I have stopped the meds as that increases my irritation. I hate to eat at all! I can barely function....or talk without gagging. Is there anyone out there that could help? I just wanna cry…….

A. Hey...I totally understand how you feel...I am on Zofran which has worked wonders for me except I had some constipation, not a bad compromise for this sickness. I'm able to function and eat and the food stays down. I'm 19 weeks now but in the beginning of my pregnancy I had a continuous abundance of saliva in my mouth and also an awful taste. Eating mint gum helped me tremendously. I no longer have the abundance of saliva but I still get that awful sour taste. I am having gingerale and also Gatorade, it helps me.

Q. I feel like crying! Hi. My name is Liam Lukas. I believe that I'm suffering from a major depression brought on by a multitude of factors. Stress, work, family, poor diet, etc. . .and it has affected me very deeply. I have bouts of sudden mood swings, feelings of worthlessness, thoughts of suicide, a lack of interest in favorite hobbies, no social activities, and lack of sleep patterns... I'm 33, male, and I feel I'm a burden to my family and feel like a failure. I feel like crying all the time (although I try and hid it by avoiding others).

A. hi Lukas, i am Christophe, i understand quite well what is going through your mind and body. I cry daily by watching films and i am happy to do so. please stay in touch with a doctor and/or psychologist. it can also be a ergo-therapist you can share your troubles. your job is important too, this is so. i lost in 17 years 15 times my job or had from one day to another no money anymore and so that i had to ask for social assistance. it can happen to anybody. even as electric engineer i have no protection to come in such situation! so please stay in touch and avoid isolation. if you need some tips because of your depression i will give you some. bye for now and thank you for sharing about your life.

Q. How can I forget thoughts of my beloved son…it’s not possible…..i am crying………………. when you lost your loved one, do you guys grieved? I lost my son, john, last January, I still miss him a lot and no word can explain that. My husband tries not to cry on, but he too yesterday broke as I remembered that day of last year. My friend says "It has been almost a year...move on…but how? Just forget about my child like nothing happened? He was 15 years old, and God took him back. How can I forget thoughts of my beloved son…it’s not possible…..i am crying……………….

A. I am sorry for your loss. Its okay to cry. Its difficult on those anniversary days of the passing of a close family member. All the things you mention are part of the grieving process that we all go through. You should not forget your child. Moving on does not mean forgetting them. It only means accepting what has happened and letting go of the notion that somehow you can get them back. Your son is in God's hands just like you are. These are good hands to be in. I don't think any of us can really understand why or can can come up with the answer to it all. I trust that God takes care of all those he calls to him.

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Similarly, feed him at fixed intervals and not every time he cries," says Dr Kent.
The laments of Jeremiah, the psalmists, and others who continue to hold fast to God are a reminder that the God who loves us does not desert when summer fades but, when the difficult days arrive, keeps a ready ear open to our cries.
2) After a few shaky months, Karen Baird of Sherman Oaks has learned to interpret the cries of 7-month-old Paige.
Shesgreen's revisionist close reading of Hogarth's 'Enraged Musician' shows how the artist, satirizing his continental rivals, placed a collection of hawkers in the crowded alley of an historical neighbourhood, where, in an atmosphere of filth and stench, the silence of Laroon's Cries is replaced by raucous clamour, and Amigoni's innocent children become a source of social menace.
NOT responding to your baby's cries is a form of rejection, and your baby will soon sense this.
Using patented technology, the Cry Translator examines tone and duration of the cries and matches them to one of the five options: hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed or bored.
Cries against - another oft-used adjective has been ``scumbag'' - agents who purportedly prey on vulnerable, innocent, young athletes who grew up in poverty.
30-8pm: Baby cries a few times and I start to get the hang of what he needs.
Her constant cries could be heard across the land - or, at least beyond the walls of her parents' Calabasas home.
Mary Magdalene cries out when a friend says, "I gave my whole life to the church, and now they don't want me.
Washington, Feb 25 (ANI): Parents-to-be can take a breather: It may soon be possible to translate infant cries, all thanks to Japanese scientists who have come up with a statistical computer program that can analyze a baby's crying.
Dear Miriam MY 12-week-old grandson cries all the time.