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A., 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Wolf-Orton bodies.
A regional term for PCP


a wild member of the family Canidae. A brownish-gray dog which resembles a German Shepherd dog with a long nose and a bushy tail, noted for its ferocity as a hunter of game. Called also Canis lupus, other species Canis rufus (red wolf).

wolf teeth
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Tickets for The Boy Who Cried Wolf are from PS10 to PS14 from 01484 430528 or www.
Boy Cried Wolf is a record which deserves to be heard.
It's now to the point of, "The little boy that cried wolf.
A closer look at the productive process of Intel's operations in Costa Rica reveals that environmental groups may have cried wolf.
Last year, they decided that anyone whose alarm cried wolf four times would get a low priority.
If [your warning] fails, you don't want someone to say you cried wolf, because you didn't, he says.
Life of Zarf: The Troll Who Cried Wolf is the next step up from a chapter book, retaining larger print and black and white cartoon drawings throughout but crafting a fun story surrounding a wolf and one Zarf in particular, a troll who is at the bottom of the middle school social ladder only because wolves have largely vanished after the Red Ridinghood incident.
Tutti Frutti: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Venue: Laurence Batley Theatre Review: by Andrew Hirst IN recent years some of the Christmas shows at the LBT have left audiences bemused and, in some cases, underwhelmed.