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A., 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Wolf-Orton bodies.
A regional term for PCP


a wild member of the family Canidae. A brownish-gray dog which resembles a German Shepherd dog with a long nose and a bushy tail, noted for its ferocity as a hunter of game. Called also Canis lupus, other species Canis rufus (red wolf).

wolf teeth
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The cast of the Boy Who Cried Wolf at the Lawrence Batley Theatre are, from left, Thomas Edward-Bennett, Sally Ann |Staunton and Matthew Hamper.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf runs at the LBT until December 28 with shows at several times of the day.
Doing a bleatingly good impression of sheep are the three-strong cast of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, |from left, grandfather (Simon Spencer-Hyde), Silas (Barney Cooper) and mother (Selina Zaza)
A former teacher and actor, he says The Boy Who Cried Wolf showcases the many talents of tutti frutti's performers.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf is directed by Wendy Harris, who has an extensive background in youth theatre, and will run until December 28.
Hairy Maclary and Friends, above, will be at Middlesbrough Theatre, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf, below, is taking to ARC's stage in Stockton next week
They are going to be classed liKe the boy who cried wolf and nobody will taKe any notice of them when there is a real need My personal opinion is that 90% of the time these signs might as we be advertising eat Joe's pies for all the good they are.
Her rap - The Boy Who Cried Wolf - written for Great Ormond Street Hospital didn't win the overall prize but it was set to music by comedian Tony Hawks.
For too long the boy has cried wolf, and psychiatric experts have been exploited to advance one side of the case.
The Gingerbread Man, The Sorcerer's Apprentice and The Boy Who Cried Wolf are all stories that families will know and will enjoy getting re-acquainted with.
First there's that Boy Who Cried Wolf (November 30) plus this year's Christmas show, Rapunzel.
The repertory opted for the bilingual version of ``The Boy Who Cried Wolf,'' as part of its education outreach.