cricoarytenoid muscle

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cricoarytenoid muscle

The lateral or the posterior cricoarytenoid -- laryngeal muscles. Origin: cricoid cartilage. Insertion: muscular process of arytenoid cartilage. Nerve: recurrent laryngeal of the vagus (CN X). Action: rotates arytenoid cartilages for vocalizations.
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pertaining to the cricoid and arytenoid cartilages.

cricoarytenoid muscle
see Table 13.1E.
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13) As has been shown in glycogen depletion studies, diffusion of botulinum toxin from an injected thyroarytenoid muscle into the adjacent lateral cricoarytenoid muscle may also contribute to the arrest of adduction.
26] The third motor branch innervates the lateral cricoarytenoid muscle (LCA), passing through it to terminate in the thyroarytenoid muscle (TA).
If the recurrent laryngeal nerve is injured at its insertion into the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle, the vocal fold will have problems with abduction.
The posterior cricoarytenoid muscle can also be reached through the cricothyroid membrane, especially in females and some young men.