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R.S., 20th-century British physician. See: Crow-Fukase syndrome.


a bird in the genus corvus.

crow pick
predatory gouging of eyes and other soft tissues from sick or weak lambs by crows. Wounds often infected with gas gangrene organisms.
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There was a total of 16 crew member on the plane, they added.
Sabre has built Crew Manager with an intuitive, customizable user-interface and a highly configurable rules engine, giving airlines greater control and flexibility than before.
Opened in 2007, the EAC Crew Training facility supports training in a number of key learning areas for new recruits, the ab-initios, who undergo an intense 7.
Although VM Crewing was initially designed for maritime crews it can easily be adapted for use in connection with on and offshore oil installations, mining and other land based operations and so on.
The remaining crew to compete were the Veteran Novice men's eight.
Ballooning is a family-friendly sport as evidenced by his wife and daughter also being crew members.
During the recent national CREW convention, 89% of women agreed that their goals were to reach the top rungs of the ladder during their career.
Though truck crew gunnery was specifically designed for scout/ reconnaissance units in the combined arms battalions (CAB) and reconnaissance squadrons, the tables have two further purposes.
We continued communicating to Mustin and to the vessel in distress, now with an added sense of urgency--we didn't know if these explosions were going to hit a fuel tank and really go up, or if the breeze might change and bring the fire sweeping forward, where the remaining crew still milled around waiting for rescue.
The crew of the second boat at the first fire dropped in the bottom of the boat, and being further out escaped most of the fire, which was concentrated on the leading boat, though every man in the boat was severely wounded.
THE MOST INFAMOUS CREW this side of the Caldecott, members of the SS Superstar gain notoriety with each passing month.
Expecting the arrival of the chopper, the Hot Shots turned over the fire to a "mop-up" crew.