cresyl violet acetate

cres·yl vi·o·let ac·e·tate

(kres'il vī'ō-let as'e-tāt),
A metachromatic basic oxazin dye used as a stain for nuclei and Nissl substance; related to German derived dye known as cresyl echt violet or cresyl fast violet.
See also: cresyl echt violet stain.
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Sections were mounted on gelatin-coated microscope slides, incubated in 1.0% cresyl violet acetate (Sigma, St.
Histological staining with Cresyl Violet acetate was used to evaluate extent of the LHb lesion.
We stained labeled sections with cresyl violet acetate to identify the diencephalic, mesencephalic, and telencephalic brain regions, using the perch fish atlas (Cerda-Reverter et al.