cresyl blue

cres·yl blue

, cresyl blue brilliant (kres'il blū brĭl-yent), [C.I. 51010]
A basic oxazin dye used for staining the reticulum in young erythrocytes (reticulocytes); also used in vital staining and as a selective stain for gastric surface epithelial mucin and other acid mucopolysaccharides.
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In a study by Yang et al., the surface of the GCE was coated by Brilliant cresyl blue dye via electropolymerization and the electrode coated with the conductive polymer film was obtained.
Liangab et al., "An electrochemical sensor based on graphene/poly (brilliant cresyl blue) nanocomposite for determination of epinephrine," Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, vol.
Peripheral blood films were examined after staining with Leishmann stain and a brilliant cresyl blue stained preparation was also examined in all cases for reticulocyte percentage.
FBC and reticulocyte count (automated Sysmex XE 5000, analyser; Sysmex Incorporated, Japan), blood smears for microscopy (automated Sysmex 1000i slide maker and stainer; Sysmex Incorporated, Japan), and reticulocyte preparation for microscopy (2-hour incubation with 1% Brilliant Cresyl Blue supravital stain; National Health Laboratory Service, South Africa).
A brilliant cresyl blue (BCB) staining test can show different intracellular activity of G6PDH in oocytes because the G6PDH enzyme converts BCB from blue to a colorless state.
Blood is diluted with a solution of brilliant cresyl blue, which stains the platelets as light blue.
Supplementation with cysteamine during maturation and embryo culture on embryo development of prepubertal goat oocytes selected by the brilliant cresyl blue test.
Determination of RBC and WBC counts was performed with Neubauer chambers, using Rees diluting solution (1 g brilliant cresyl blue, 31.3 g sodium citrate, 10 mL formalin (37 %) and 1000 mL distilled water).
The presence of inclusion bodies can be demonstrated by incubating the patient's blood with isotonic brilliant cresyl blue. The red cells containing hemoglobin H incluson bodies will show pale blue granular deposits in the red cells.
We observed numerous RBCs containing hemoglobin H (HbH) inclusions in the peripheral blood smear stained with brilliant cresyl blue (Figure1).