crest of lesser tubercle

crest of less·er tu·ber·cle

the ridge below the lesser tubercle of the humerus into which the teres major muscle inserts.
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Metric References 1 References 2 relantionship (T) T1 Lateral fascicle Coracoid process T2 Lateral fascicle Crest of lesser tubercle T3 Lateral fascicle Body of clavicle T4 Lateral fascicle Midaxillary line T5 Medial fascicle Coracoid process T6 Medial fascicle Crest of lesser tubercle T7 Medial fascicle Body of clavicle T8 Medial fascicle Midaxillary line T9 Posterior fascicle Coracoid process T10 Posterior fascicle Crest of lesser tubercle T11 Posterior fascicle Body of clavicle T12 Posterior fascicle Midaxillary line Table II Metric relationship (mm) between the landmarks given in Table I at 30[degrees], 60[degrees] and 90[degrees] of shoulder abduction.