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The oropharynx was normal, but the right buccal mucosa bulged and was crepitant.
throwing around words such as nescience, parturition, revenant, crepitant, and termagant.
It was good to revisit the 1988 ballet Crepitant Whispers by artistic director M.
Smoky and crepitant, glacier-spiky, rough in its white logic, it is a lithograph from The Ancient Mariner.
My total time is taken up hunting rales, rales dry or moist, sibilant [hissing] or crepitant [crackling] or any other of the hundred things that one may find in the chest, they all mean but one thing here-- pneumonia--and that means in about all cases death.
Widespread crepitant rales were heard over both lungs.
A massive, erythematous, brawny, and crepitant edema developed on the 7th day of hospitalization.