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(krĕn′yə-lĭt, -lāt′) or


Having a margin or contour with shallow, usually rounded notches and projections; finely notched or scalloped: a crenulate leaf; a crenulate coastline.

cren′u·la′tion n.
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Graphite is highly concentrated in well-developed horizontal crenulation cleavages which is later crenulated by young differential cleavage.
(a) RQD Veins Crenulation RQD 1 Veins 0.1624 1 Crenulation 0.3038 0.1631 1 Kink bands 0.1040 0.0408 0.1962 Sandy laminations 0.0177 0.0187 0.0200 Microfractures 0.6696 0.0035 0.1284 Pyrite -0.1953 -0.0403 -01221 Oxidation 0.2053 0.0837 0.1722 Rough cleavage -0.0908 -0.0593 0.2096 Kink bands Sandy laminations RQD Veins Crenulation Kink bands 1 Sandy laminations 0.0736 1 Microfractures -0.0590 -0.0138 Pyrite -0.0891 -0.1202 Oxidation 0.0821 -0.0645 Rough cleavage -0.0058 -0.0454 (b) Microfractures Pyrite Microfractures 1 Pyrite -0.1587 1 Oxidation 0.1162 -0.1152 Rough cleavage -0.0989 0.0065 Oxidation Rough cleavage Microfractures Pyrite Oxidation 1 Rough cleavage -0.0366 1 TABLE 2: Estimated coefficients and 2.5%, 25%, 75%, and 97.5% quantiles for the GLM.
The crenulation of the corallite wall in this species is environmentally affected, because it appears randomly in some coralla and strongly and more often in other coralla (Pl.
New traits could include UI1 labial convexity, UI1 midline diastema, the mesial canine ridge, and molar crenulations, traits that are more common in Sub-Saharan Africans than other populations of the world (Irish 1993, 2013, 2016; Pilloud et al.
The second phase of deformation ([D.sub.2]) formed open to tight [F.sub.2] folds of bedding, [S.sub.1A] and S.sub.1B] and an axial planar [S.sub.2] crenulation cleavage enhanced by pressure solution.
[S.sub.3], is represented by the folding of flanks of crenulation foliation ([S.sub.2]) and defined by graphite and bent muscovites (Figure 3j).
La deuxieme schistosite donne lieu a une crenulation reportee a partir de la premiere schistosite, laquelle comprend une lineation de glissement classique dom les lithons ont ete deformes par crenulation.
6c) are deforming the Chanic cleavage ([S.sub.1]) and often are accompanied by a crenulation cleavage ([S.sub.2]).
Crenulate, 9-10 crenulations in 0.1 mm; each crenulation is associated with a yellow area, each paler area longer than wide (Fig.
The most conspicuous structures are upright to overturned, open to tight [F.sub.2] folds with chevron profiles, a locally well-developed axial planar slaty cleavage ([S.sub.2]) and a related crenulation lineation on [S.sub.1]([L.sup.1.sub.2]).