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(krĕn′yə-lĭt, -lāt′) or


Having a margin or contour with shallow, usually rounded notches and projections; finely notched or scalloped: a crenulate leaf; a crenulate coastline.

cren′u·la′tion n.
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Pro- and retrodorsal and proventral carinae of femur complete, regularly granular; prolateral median carina of tall conical, unequal granules or small apophyses; retrolateral median carina homogeneously crenulate, ending in an acute conical apophysis near the base; retroventral carina not defined, replaced by a flattened area with subtle granulation.
Dens robust and crenulate, with 28 dorsal setae, about 250 ventral setae, and about 32 foil setae (ciliated spiniform setae) in the inner row (Fig.
Margin teeth crenulate, cephalic and first abdominal setae capitates; caudal furrow with irregular markings; a row of papillae numbering about 50 on submargin takahashii (David & Subramaniam) --.
7 mm, linear, set at 70-80[degrees] to the rachis, symmetrical or slightly asymmetrical at the base, the apex acute to obtuse, laminar tissue and veins slightly pubescent on both sides, the hairs hyaline, 1 or 2-celled, simple, appressed, margin glabrous; fertile portion slightly crenulate, cut ca.
5-4 mm, free, entire, rose, inconspicuously and sparsely pilose-glandulose, the posterior ones alatecarinate, the anterior one carinate at least at base; petals narrowly subspatulate, apex rounded and slightly emarginated to remotely apiculate, 15-16 x 4 mm, free, white, at anthesis erect except for the subspreading distal portion, bearing 2 laminate, cupulate, obtuse, irregularly crenulate, upwardly to downwardly oriented appendages 5-6 mm above the base, as well as 2 conspicuous longitudinal callosities slightly shorter than the anthers; filaments terete, white, the antepetalous ca.