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Inman had his cousin cremated at Chambers Crematorium in Riverdale, Maryland.
Brady's body has been released to his lawyer, and the paper said he had asked to be cremated in a non-religious ceremony in his native Glasgow, with his remains to be scattered on the Clyde near the Gorbals area, where he grew up.
Whilst a large number of the expat community will probably now choose to be cremated, most Greek Cypriots are unlikely to follow suit any time soon.
A city council spokesman said mourners previously had to go outside the city to have larger loved ones cremated and faced higher charges as a result.
Before the new furnaces were bought wide coffins had to be cremated in neighbouring council areas.
Since 1997, the church has recognized that in some circumstances a body has to be cremated prior to the funeral and permits funerals to take place with the cremated remains instead of the body.
Gints was yesterday cremated in a private ceremony and his ashes will now be repatriated back to Latvia.
Joseph O'Donnell, 55, of Boston, was being held on $10,000 bail in a larceny case when investigators found the cremated remains Wednesday at a Somerville self-storage business.
Finally, the victim's body was cremated on Thursday evening once Citu organised a rally and the victim's parents meet the West Bengal Governor M.
In 2011, the AEC has cremated about 90 000 t of waste and produces 145,000 MWh heat and about 36,000 MWh of electricity.
A young woman who died after being gang-raped and beaten on a bus in India's capital was cremated Sunday amid an outpouring of anger and grief by millions across the country demanding greater protection for women from sexual violence.
THE body of an Indian worker, who became the 26th person known to have committed suicide in Bahrain this year, will be cremated in Bahrain.