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crem·as·ter·ic fas·ci·a

intermediate coverings of the spermatic cord, formed of delicate connective tissue and of muscular fibers derived from the internal oblique muscle (cremaster muscle).
See also: aponeurosis of internal oblique muscle.
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cre·mas·ter mus·cle

(krē-mas'tĕr mŭs'ĕl) [TA]
Origin, from internal oblique muscle and inguinal ligament; insertion, cremasteric fascia (spermatic cord); action, raises testicle; nerve supply, genital branch of genitofemoral; in the male the muscle envelops the spermatic cord and testis; in the female, the round ligament of the uterus.
Synonym(s): musculus cremaster [TA] .
[G. kremastēr, a suspender, in pl. the muscles by which the testicles are retracted, fr. kremannymi, to hang]
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A thin layer of muscle looping over the SPERMATIC CORD and continuous with the internal oblique muscle of the abdominal wall. Its action is to draw up the testicle.
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How did you end up in Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle?
The ultimate location of testicular dislocation is related to the mechanism of injury, the direction and intensity of the impact, the presence of anatomic abnormalities, and a brisk contraction of the cremaster muscle at the moment of trauma, associated with a secondary cremaster muscle spasm contraction [6, 9, 13,14].
De forma semiconica, ovalada, con una pequena bifurcacion en la parte frontal hacia la cabeza, abultada hacia la zona toracica en el dorso al igual que en los segmentos abdominales en la parte media, siendo alli mas desarrollada esta acentuacion; la coloracion de la pupa es verde mate, los espiraculos son de color amarillo claro, el cremaster bien definido alargado entre coloraciones amarillas y verdes, con lineas negras longitudinales en la parte media, los ganchos del cremaster son de color rojo.
Inhibition of COX-2 or deletion of IP ([PGI.sub.2] receptor) significantly accelerated thrombogenesis, reflected by shortened time to vascular occlusion after photochemical injury of the carotid artery and reduced thrombogenesis after laser-induced cremaster arterioles injury [5]; however, these effects were not observed in either global or myeloid cell mPGES-1 knockout mice [10,13].
En el medio CON se ubicaron en el extremo superior de la jaula de empupado, mientras que en el medio NAT, buscaron un tallo tomando una posicion vertical, sosteniendose por medio del cremaster o hilo dando la apariencia de no estar viva.
Isso foi feito para liberar a tunica parietal e musculo cremaster e expor o cordao vascular espermatico e ducto deferente, que posteriormente foram ligados utilizando-se fio poligalactina 910 (e) com tranfixacao, ligadura e sobreligadura das estruturas deste.
Compared with David Lynch's "Eraserhead," Matthew Barney's "The Cremaster Cycle" or any number of artists' bigscreen efforts, "Jellyfish Eyes" feels, well, Superflat.
"Gilded chrysler's day" evokes Matthew Barney's film Cremaster 3, which centers on the construction of the Chrysler building.
Blyn's "Coda" focuses on Matthew Barney's 2003 Cremaster installation.
Several decades after the first TEM images were made, some studies showed differences between systemic and microvascular haematocrit on cremaster muscle suggesting a glycocalyx layer much thicker than had been indicated using original TEM approaches [1, 8, 9, 40, 46].
The cremaster is weak and consisting of three rows of translucent hook-like setae only visible with a magnification of 40x.
Endotoxin enhaces microvascular thrombosis in mouse cremaster venules via a TKR4-dependent, neutrophil-independent mechanism.