creeping eruption

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1. the act of breaking out, appearing, or becoming visible, as eruption of the teeth.
2. visible efflorescent lesions of the skin due to disease, with redness, prominence, or both; a rash. adj., adj erup´tive.
creeping eruption
1. a peculiar eruption that appears to migrate, due to burrowing beneath the skin by certain larvae; it has the appearance of subcutaneous tunnels that are red and vesicular at the advancing end and dry and encrusted at older portions.
drug eruption an adverse cutaneous reaction produced by ingestion, parenteral use, or local application of a drug, which may produce various morphologic patterns and types of lesions; called also dermatitis medicamentosa.
Kaposi's varicelliform eruption a generalized and serious vesiculopustular eruption of viral origin, superimposed on preexisting atopic dermatitis; it may be due to the herpes simplex virus (eczema herpeticum) or vaccinia (eczema vaccinatum).
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cu·ta·ne·ous lar·va mi·grans

a migratory serpiginous or netlike tunneling in the skin, with marked pruritus, caused by wandering hookworm larvae not adapted to intestinal maturation in humans; especially common in the eastern and southeastern coastal U.S. and other tropical and subtropical coastal areas; various strains of hookworms of dogs and cats have been implicated, chiefly Ancylostoma braziliense of dog and cat feces from beaches and sandboxes in the U.S., but also Ancylostoma caninum of dogs, Uncinaria stenocephala, the European dog hookworm, and Bunostomum phlebotomum, the cattle hookworm; Strongyloides species of animal origin may also contribute to human cutaneous larva migrans.
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creeping eruption

A human skin disease caused by hookworm or roundworm larvae burrowing and creeping beneath the skin and characterized by eruptions in the form of progressing reddish lines.
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cutaneous larva migrans

A condition caused by larval infestation of the skin by the hookworm Ancylostoma braziliense.

Clinical findings
Red, raised, tunnelling of skin surface, with severe itching.
Acquired on beaches or moist sandy areas.

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creeping eruption

A skin disease caused by the migration in the skin of the larvae of hookworms and certain roundworms, especially Toxocara canis . There is itching and eruptions in the form of wandering red lines. Also called cutaneous larva migrans.
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Creeping eruption

Itchy irregular, wandering red lines on the foot made by burrowing larvae of the hookworm family and some roundworms.
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