creep recovery

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creep re·cov·er·y

the time-dependent portion of the decrease in strain in a material or object following removal of the stress that has deformed it.
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creep re·cov·e·ry

(krēp rĕ-kŭvĕr-ē)
Time-dependent portion of decrease in strain in a material or object following removal of the stress that has deformed it.
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Prior to the multiple stress creep recovery (MSCR) and linear amplitude sweep (LAS) tests, all the modified binder samples, as well as the 60/70 base binder, were aged in the rolling thin-film oven (RTFO) in order to represent a short-term aging condition.
Apply various currents and measure the yield stress, the compression displacement, and the creep recovery rate of the specimen.
According to the results of the study as shown in these figures, the instantaneous creep recovery was approximately equal to 50 percent of the magnitude of the instantaneous elastic deformation for red oak and yellow-poplar shelves.
At the same time, after sudden withdrawal of the force, higher will be the creep recovery for the crosslinked blends than that of the uncrosslinked one which is also very much clear from the figure.
The strain from creep recovery test further confirms the finding from the creep tests.
The repeated creep recovery test was conducted on all binders.
The viscoelasticity of polymers also manifests into creep under constant stress and creep recovery on removal of stress.
When a creep experiment has progressed for some time and the stress is suddenly removed, the strain decreases with time, along a course called creep recovery. The rate of this reverse deformation depends on the material viscoelastic properties.
Creep recovery studies have also been performed to measure the response to a constant stress over time.