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Karl S.F., German obstetrician and gynecologist, 1819-1892. See: Credé methods.
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che si dee credere che ella, vedendosi ingannata, isdegnasse, ne percio
2 May 2019 - US-based consulting and talent solutions firm Eliassen Group, LLC has acquired professional services and management consulting provider Credere Group, LLC, the firm said.
In Piemonte, alcuni compagni di Matteo hanno dissotterrato "un monitor, alcune tastiere e dei mouse" (68) e li hanno poi legati ai rami di un vecchio castagno per prendersi gioco del ragazzo facendogli credere che queste apparecchiature crescono sugli alberi.
The Latin root of the word credibility is "credere," which means "to believe." Sure, it's very easy to believe a cell biologist speaking about CHO cells, because she's published 6 papers dealing with the subject.
(Credere di Credere: E possibile essere cristiani nonostante la Chiesa?, translated into English as 'Belief'), Constanta: Pontica, 2005.
Assumendo il ruolo del personaggio, il poeta induce a credere che sia il vecchio sacerdote a parlare.
stresses more credere in Deum (believing in God) than credere Deum (believing God)"--a formulation reminiscent of certain expressions of Tello--"it is not empty of content, but is discovered and expressed more through a symbolic mode than through the use of instrumental reason." A fortiori, "it brings with itself the grace of being a missionary, of coming out of oneself, and setting out on pilgrimage" (EG 124).
(9) For historical examples, see Lottieri, Credere nello Stato?