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A formal review of the qualifications of a health care provider who has applied to participate in a system or plan.
[credential, proof of authenticity, fr. Med. L. credentialis, fr. credo, to believe, + -ing]
Medspeak The process of reviewing a health professional’s credentials, training, experience, or demonstrated ability, practice history and medical certification or license to determine if clinical privileges to practice in a particular place are to be granted. A much less frequent use of the term applies to closed panels and medical groups and refers to examination of the credentials of a physician or other health care provider to determine whether that provider should be entitled to clinical privileges at a hospital or managed care organization


A formal review of the qualifications of a health care provider who has applied to participate in a health care system or plan.
Synonym(s): credentialling.
[credential, proof of authenticity, fr. Med. L. credentialis, fr. credo, to believe, + -ing]
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Three obvious opportunities that jump out at me include technologically savvy credentialing, the international expansion of NEHA credentials, and priming the stage to support the Environmental Health Workforce Act of 2019.
"I'm really optimistic that we're going to have a more significant portion of our community more actively engaged with their personal professional development because of the credentialing assistance program," Engen said.
The company focusses on helping providers take control of their credentialing lifecycle, thereby generating more income in less time.
To process claims, each insurer requires a lengthy and redundant credentialing application that typically involves multiple pages of questions and information.
Navy COOL administers a voucher program that will pay for eligible credentialing exams, re-certification fees and maintenance fees for enlisted personnel.
(4) Depending on the credential, Soldiers may have multiple credentialing opportunities throughout their careers, ending in a refined skill set to ease their eventual civilian transition process.
As part of CASCOM, the US Army Transportation School (USATSCH) is helping to increase opportunities for their transportation soldiers by developing a credentialing program for all 88 series military occupational specialties-- whether a service member is separating after four years or retiring with more than 20 years.
Demonstrating the value of credentials is extremely challenging; the difficulties were described by the American Nurses Credentialing Center in 2012 (Lundmark et al., 2012) and in a journal publication (Hickey et al., 2014).
As an industry, we need to drive our own set of credentialing standards, much like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is an industry-led joint effort by leading credit card companies to develop their own industry standards, which are now being supported by state regulations.
Sy.Med OneApp, Sy.Med's credentialing application, centralizes data and automates the paper-intensive, time-consuming credentialing management processes for hospitals, physician practices, clinics, and other healthcare organizations.
* emerging priorities for nursing credentialing research
"The Pre-Accession Credentialing Division, which was contracted by the Navy Recruiting Command to perform pre-accession credentials review services, verifies that the credentials that allow providers to practice are 100 percent true and accurate, that the provider is a good fit for the Navy, and that the provider can be credentialed and privileged if they were to be commissioned tomorrow," Boyrie explained.

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