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1. A representation of the Nativity, usually with statues or figurines.
2. A hospital for foundlings.
3. Chiefly British A day nursery.
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La creche a surtout comme avantage d'offrir des conditions stimulantes pour la socialisation des enfants.
Parents of the children hurried to First Steps Creche on the Ballybeg local authority housing estate after being told of the news.
Dan Beard, Unison branch secretary said: "The creche provides an excellent service to student-parents, university staff and those in the local community.
The bench had asked SC ensure better administration of the creche.
A caracterizacao das creches considerou parametros estruturais, o regime de acolhida das criancas (classificado como integral, quando a crianca permanecia oito horas na creche, ou parcial, para quatro horas) e a zona de localizacao.
Creche Innovations offers quality products for the care of high-risk newborns.
lt;B Creche Mobile's Lisa Hunter with four-year-old Thomas McCaughey whose mum Sarah was attending a Family Learning course
Hempel Paints will be supplying the creche with arts and crafts materials such as water-based paints, papers, colouring books and pencils.
But with only 24 of the 40 places taken the creche is running at a loss.
The creche will form part of the property's newly-refurbished CoolZone and ChillZone, which cater to children aged four-12 years old and teenagers, respectively.