creative thinking

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cre·a·tive think·'ing

productive thinking, with novel rather than routine elements and results.
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This book challenges practitioners to rethink practices in early childhood education in relation to young children's creativity, focusing on creative processes that involve using hands and interaction with physical materials.
The Creativity World Forum is annual gathering of the international Districts of Creativity Network.
The study shows that there is a positive and significant relationship between knowledge management and its dimensions include process, leadership, culture, technology and measurement with creativity at p a$?
In contrast, others believe that, according to implicit leadership theory, a leader displaying high creativity receives less recognition and expectation from members (Lord, 1977; Lord, Binning, Rush, & Thomas, 1978; Lord, Foti, & De Vader, 1984).
High intelligence, however, does not mean high creativity. The pioneering research of Stanford University (by Lewis Terman, 1932) demonstrated that people with a high IQ (135+) did not show high levels of creative achievement: none demonstrated the ability recognised by major awards such as the Nobel Prize.
Creativity is the human aptitude to generate ideas, solve difficult problems and exploit new opportunities -- which, in turn, fuels innovation.
Creativity, more often than, cannot be accepted when the minds judging it are constrained by their own limitations.
Creativity can be defined as the ability to produce original ideas and new items.
The Search for Satori and Creativity. Written by educator and pioneering creativity researcher E.
Creativity, creative economies, innovation, and innovative science are all terms and concepts that roll off the tongue today.